Project Overview

The goal for this project was to increase brand awareness locally using billboards to be placed in six+ prime locations throughout Chattanooga and local, traditional print advertising. I collaborated on this project with local PR firm Mace + Carmichael.


All advertising was kept consistent with each restaurant's unique branding, Easy Bistro’s clean & simple elegance and Main Street Meat’s back-to-basics approach as Chattanooga’s soul butcher-shop turned restaurant.

For Easy Bistro, I chose to promote some of the recent press they'd received as the focal point of this campaign and stuck with the black & white format as an extension of the restaurant’s upscale brand.

As for Main Street Meats, I chose to feature “praise the lard,” a slogan used throughout Main Street Meats’ branding to capture the attention of viewers. I added the subtle, bacon pattern in the background to add some depth to the billboard.

Tools & Techniques