Project Overview

This special edition of McCallie Magazine broke from the standard magazine template in order to cover the inauguration of the school’s new headmaster, the first in the school’s history. This publication featured the speeches and writing from this particular event.

Because of this special time in the school’s history, I wanted to create something out of the ordinary that people could hold onto and look back on for years to come.


With the transcripts and photography from the event in hand, I started this process with the goal of stringing together a visual narrative. Instead of creating a magazine composed of separate, seemingly unrelated articles, I wanted the magazine to feel like a cohesive and comprehensive whole.

I sorted through hundreds of images taken from the event in order to accurately capture the accompanying text. As part of this process, I included two timelines representing the school’s history as it pertained to this narrative, each created using InDesign and Illustrator. I built the magazine’s template in InDesign.

As part of this process, I upgraded the publication from a flimsy, glossy paper to a weightier, textured paper that the publication still uses to this day.

Tools & Techniques