Project Overview

As part of the school’s in-house communications team, my task was to redesign, the school’s first line of communication with external audiences. My goal was to create a more accessible, user-friendly & marketable site design. Tools, resources, and information used to inform an enrollment decision or support the private school needed to be more visually accessible to the user, no matter the user's starting point. Revamping the school’s six-year-old site was part of a larger, school-wide rebranding.


Over the course of three months, my team and I took a closer look at the site's current structure and started to create best practices for organizing the site. We mapped out where links from navigational dropdown menus currently lead and also referred to page analytics to try and get a better idea of where and how traffic was currently being lead on our site. From there, we were able to pinpoint what really needed to be featured on the homepage, our most trafficked page.

Using Photoshop, I created a high fidelity wireframe which reinforced the school’s recent rebranding, appealed to a broader demographic, and included a transition over to a responsive, mobile-first design.

The final product was designed within the parameters of the pre-existing site’s Content Management System via Whipple Hill (Blackbaud). In the final stages of the new site’s launch, I consulted my team on implementing consistent styling sitewide.

Tools & Techniques