Project Overview

I was tasked with transforming the dense and complicated text of UnifiEd’s “Pact for Public Education” into something more easily digestible for the general public without losing any meaning. I collaborated on this project with local PR firm Mace + Carmichael.


The format that seemed to best fit this task was an infographic. After first reading and annotating the pact, I spent some time mapping out a more logical narrative, eliminating copy and brainstorming visuals.

I felt that the best way to lead the user through that narrative was through an interactive print piece where with each panel unfolded, a new piece of narrative was revealed. I created simple paper mockups to get a sense of how this piece would unfold and then went to work creating each panel in Illustrator. The piece has been an integral part of UnifiEd’s campaign and has been repurposed as digital media content on the non-profit’s website.

Tools & Techniques